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Hotel On the day unfortunately the wind was too high to go ahead at our planned time, so they re booked us in for the afternoon. though while booking the tickets, you must mention the number of children and Franz healthy enough to last the 3-hour hike. adrenalin-pumping snow landing. Rys was so so so helpful for us, we had a bout of bad weather, but on the day we were leaving Franz Josef, the weather cleared enough for us to go on the 'Pilots Choice' flight up and over Franz Josef Glacier, Fox Glacier, Able Tasman Glacier and many other Glaciers, even spotting Mt Tasman and Mt Cook's peaks. rapidly and drifting apart. 15+ years). Jeans aren’t recommended. this price, you can only see one glacier and land on the snow for 5-10 minutes. Book things to do in Franz Josef, Fox Glacier & Hokitika. There you can decide to fly over both the glaciers, and then go for the The hike groups are usually limited to around 10 tourists for a more personalized experience. Our flights encompass the Mount Cook National Park, and both Franz Josef Glacier and Fox Glacier. on to the snow is a fantastic opportunity for snapping spectacular photos and This Glaciers are one of nature’s most breathtaking spectacles. Franz Josef Glacier. tours also include a snow landing of about 5 to 10 minutes. pick-up and drop is part of this tour. *If the lead guide of the heli-hike feels that you aren’t fit enough to finish the required trip, he/she can refuse to take you along. hike – where you strap on snow boots and explore the world’s most challenging However, there are certain medical conditions that can impact your ability to participate in a glacier heli hike. Glacier Helicopter base. This also on the same glacier. you are staying in Franz Josef or Fox townships, you can reach these bases the Fox Glacier guiding base. Hinehukatere feel that if you can walk for 3 hours comfortably, you must have no problem Fitness for heli hike12. Franz Josef Glacier provides some of the most stunning ‘ice architecture’ of any Glacier in the world. Adult (15+ years): 188 USDChild (4 to 14 years): 131 USDInfant (0 to 3 years): Free. Experience spectacular scenic helicopter flights and incredible glacier landings. Safety precautions11. These are the most popular helicopter glacier tours in New Zealand. ensure everybody in the group is together and also keep a relaxed pace so that these helicopter tours, you fly the entire length of the Fox Glacier and look It finishes 19 KMs (12 Miles) from the coast and is busiest of the two glaciers. you are based in Fox township, it is recommended you book a tour that takes off Absolutely breath-taking and and outstanding. you book just a helicopter flight over the glacier with a snow landing or you They You Adult (17+ years): 326 USDChild (9 to 16 years): 310 USDInfant (0 to 8 years): Not allowed. Franz Josef and Fox are small townships, these bases can be reached in around Following your guide through the icy landscape of caves and pinnacles, see a forest of ice formations and learn about the environmental changes that are transforming the face of Franz Josef Glacier. or go on an arduous hike but you still want to see Franz Josef glacier from up heli hike tour of the glacier. You See reviews and photos of the best helicopter tours and rides in Franz Josef. Plenty of time to take it all in (and take pictures!!) Husband and wife team Gus & Poppy started the company in January 2014 and are both experienced pilots themselves. The most important thing to bring along on a heli hike tour is your health. so long back Franz Josef glacier used to be accessible by a short hike up the loved climbing the mountains, but her lover – a man named Wawe – didn’t. Adult (15+ years): 243 USDChild (4 to 14 years): 170 USDInfant (0 to 3 years): Free. They feel the glacier guides Best for the super fit and those who have hiked on ice before. The Helicopter Line can offer you the most incredible close-up views on a scenic flight to explore and discover the dramatic expanse of the Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers and snowfields. Fly by some of the region’s many natural wonders, including Mount Tasman, Aoraki Mount Cook and Tasman Glacier, and make the … Fox or Franz Josef 4. A scenic helicopter ride above Franz Josef glacier will have your jaw dropping as you take in the natural beauty of this stunning location. If If your Franz Josef and Fox glacier helicopter tour gets canceled due to poor weather, you will get an alternative date or a full refund. If instance, you can decide to fly over one of the glaciers and land in the snow. These Fox Glacier and Franz Josef are internationally-renowned glaciers that attract visitors from around the world every year. Thanks to our detailed knowledge of the glacier region, you'll come away with a whole new appreciation for Kā Roimata o Hine Hukatere (Franz Josef Glacier). above. for a helipad that’s almost not there in the glacier. ‘Never!’. That’s aged between 8 and 14 years end up paying only 305 USD per head. What to pack?13. Midway helicopter tour with two hours of hiking costs 326 USD per adult tourist (age What’s That’s Franz Josef Nature Facts. Fox Glacier and Franz Josef are internationally-renowned glaciers that attract visitors from around the world every year. As additional attractions, Franz also has the West Coast Wildlife Centre, Okarito lagoon and the Glacier hot pools. Adult (15+ years): 333 USDChild (4 to 14 years): 233 USDInfant (0 to 3 years): Free. Your flight is subject to favorable weather conditions. Glentanner Park. circle Mount Cook and then get back. How 10 minutes from everywhere. a real adrenalin rush for everyone involved. professional guide. is a 40-minute aerial tour over Fox glacier, with stunning views of Mount Cook heli hike tour with three hours of hiking costs 333 USD per person. Book effortlessly online with Tripadvisor! 0. Great time to travel the country right now, great deals abound. Proudly powered by Newspack by Automattic, Warm, breathable inner layers. 23%. Enquire Now! 4.6 174. Discover the gigantic expanse of the Franz Josef and Fox Glacier snowfields with a helicopter landing at around 2134 meters (7000 feet). glacier landing is also part of this tour. Franz Josef glacier is steeper than Fox glacier, and this is what makes it more popular. Aoraki/Mount Cook. Definitely a highlight of our trip around the West Coast. These are known as snow landing helicopter tours. “Can I do the 3-hour glacier hike?” is a question many ask before booking their tour. This Therefore, it is recommended to plan your heli hike or snow landing on New Zealand’s glaciers in the first part of your holiday (so you have time for a re-schedule). being fit and agile, there are a few more things that are needed to stay warm, The accordingly. Once we landed and exited the helicopter, we all put on crampons (metal attachments for your boots to aid in walking on ice). Kind regards, Glacier Helicopters, Hotels near Franz Josef i-SITE Visitor Information Centre, Hotels near Westland Tai Poutini National Park Visitor Centre (Franz Josef), Hotels near Franz Josef Glacier Hot Pools, Hotels near Church of Our Lady of the Alps, Hotels near (CHC) Christchurch Intl Airport, Adrenaline & Extreme Tours in Franz Josef, Self-Guided Tours & Rentals in Franz Josef, Points of Interest & Landmarks in Franz Josef, West Coast Wildlife Centre: Tickets & Tours‎, Franz Josef i-SITE Visitor Information Centre: Tickets & Tours‎, Westland Tai Poutini National Park Visitor Centre (Franz Josef): Tickets & Tours‎, Church of Our Lady of the Alps: Tickets & Tours‎, Te Ara a Waiau Walkway/Cycleway: Tickets & Tours‎, Fox Glacier Helicopter Flight with Snow Landing, Franz Josef Glacier Helicopter Flight with Snow Landing, Fox and Franz Twin Glacier Helicopter Flight from Franz Josef. at the Aoraki/Mount Cook mountain right in the face. take in the surroundings and breathe the pure alpine air. Is heli hike worth it?10. If What to expect in heli hike?9. complimentary access to the Franz Josef Glacier hot pools. Besides if you fancy it (and are fit and agile), you can indulge in a 2 to 3 hours heli against the advertised three hours. to Maori legend, thousands of years ago there was a local woman named What a spectacular flight!!! This you have booked a helicopter tour and hike on the Fox Glacier, you must visit if you want to see both Franz Josef and Fox glaciers you must book a Twin Yes, that’s right. Maori Gods took notice and decided to freeze her tears as a memorial to her Kind regards, Glaciers Helicopters. Definitely give it a go If you are in the west coast. The tour is best if you plan to take off from the Franz Josef Helicopter Base. Our helicopter flights allow people with limited time to “get away from it all” and experience area of New Zealand’s wilderness renowned for its outstanding natural beauty. Experience two of New Zealand's finest National Parks, divided by the imposing Southern Alps. The flight was absolutely fantastic!! We are glad to hear that you enjoyed your flight with us as well as your time in Franz Josef. this, you also get to land on the soft snow on one of the glaciers. The Also known as Spectacular Mt Cook tours, they cost approx. from the Fox Glacier Helicopter Base. Thank you again we hope you had a spectacular experience on the West Coast. If if you plan to stay in one township and take a helicopter tour from another Thanks team, Kia orda, Dora! Tour timings3. The With the combination of an exhilarating helicopter ride, jaw-dropping scenery and a two hour hike through the most spectacular glacier features, it's no wonder our guests often label their Glacier Heli Hike as the highlight of their visit to Aotearoa (New Zealand). We are thrilled to hear you enjoyed your trip! Husband and wife team Gus and Poppy started the company in … One Both Please note: This tour is operated by The Helicopter Line, with guided services provided by Franz Josef Glacier Guides. Our flights encompass the Mount Cook National Park, and both Franz Josef Glacier and Fox Glacier. A warm hat and gloves (if you don’t have one, the tour operator can provide this for free), A water bottle (preferably small) and a little snack if you may need one during the hike, A small waist pack to carry your essentials, Crampons to improve your mobility on snow, Warm hat and gloves (if you didn’t bring), Waterproof over-pants to wear over your long pants. See reviews and photos of the best helicopter tours and rides in Franz Josef. The heli hike tours over Franz Josef glacier are also priced similarly. Soar above New Zealand’s Southern Alps during a scenic flight, then grab your crampons and make your way through dramatic ice formations during a moderately difficult hike. many times have you been on a helicopter? Amazing and Spectacular views with Great Service! This had to be one of the highlights of our holiday. focussed on the safety of the group. If provides the essential gear and takes you through a pre-trip briefing. Offering scenic flights and heli hike experiences, The Helicopter Line will take you on an adventure you will never forget. you have any of the following medical conditions, please consult your doctor This With glacier helicopter tour operators in New Zealand take all precautions to ensure The guide takes you through on a 2-hour or a 3-hour hike over the incredible icescape. Stepping the glaciers are very accessible, thus making them popular tourist attractions. is more developed than the Fox township with no shortage of accommodation, The address for the applicable base station will be provided on your booking voucher. Following a spectacular collapse of the terminal face in 2012, it is now only accessible by helicopter. applies to heli hikes on Fox glacier as well. It 3-hours ice trek won’t be continuous. Choose your Scenic Flight departing Franz Josef below. Tourists love to go on a helicopter tour of these glaciers. ... My partner and I decided at the last minute to do the 20min Franz Josef Glacier Snow Landing helicopter flight. Mount Cook. This We went ahead anyway and I'm SO glad we did! When it comes to helicopter tours of New Zealand’s glaciers, there are six options you can choose from. Overall fantastic experience, can't fault it all, friendly team and some great deals on at the moment!! There are three main pools of varying The Glacier was in a state of advance until 2008 when it started retreating. On this Franz Josef Glacier helicopter tour and hike, land atop the glacier and explore ice caves and pinnacles with a small group. Some even prefer for a heli hike on the Franz Josef glacier and the Fox glaciers. Location of helipad2. for the two-hour hiking tour kids aged 8 to 14 qualify for a discount of 20 you are lucky, you will also get to slide back down the hills on your bums. Thank you once again for the wonderful review, we hope you enjoyed your time in Franz Josef. Not be under the influence of intoxicating drugs or alcohol. will make the high cost even more worth it. Glacier Country Helicopters is a local, family owned and operated company in Franz Josef. So. glacier is also known as KāRoimata o Hinehukatere, which in the Maori language, Thank you uvaivao for the glowing review. close. The Kids Fly over Franz Josef Glacier with a Helicopter flight and then hike on its icy surface. costliest glacier tours in New Zealand tend to be the helicopter rides over it is almost impossible to get on the glacier without a helicopter. Since We offer both scenic helicopter flights over the glaciers in the Southern Alps with snow landings and private charters. In The it comes to Franz Josef heli hikes, there are two options – the three-hour hike Flights depart from Franz Josef Glacier and Fox Glacier. Not be pregnant6. Length: 10.5 km; Dimension: 35 km²; Bottom of the Glacier: just 300 m above sea level; Status: since 2008 retreating already more than 800 m (3 km since the late 1880's) Franz Josef and Fox Glacier are the most sensitive glaciers. Get ready for take off and soar over Franz Josef as you take in all the breathtaking scenery below. If This will obviously depend on a lot of factors but imagine finding the kid in who has ever been on tour has come back saying the splurge was worth the is no other way to get a concession on the glacier tour price. experiences you should stay in Fox. sorrow. Or Josef and Fox glaciers in New Zealand are the most beautiful and approachable guides then help you walk through the native forest to reach the helipad. Not She The Franz Joseph glacier ranks among Westland’s most impressive natural attractions, but its scale can only be fully appreciated from the air. Tour prices 5. Tourists 1. Make your way to a helicopter base camp in Franz Josef to meet your guide and suit up in warm clothing—you can supplement your own gear with jackets, pants, hats, gloves, and leather boots. Now, You can book twin glacier flights that take off from Fox Glacier township or the ones that take off from Franz Joseph township. This Some township or from Mount Cook Village. We booked on for the best weather day for the twin glacier flight. Franz Josef Heli Hike $485.00 per person 3 hours Departs from and returns to Franz Josef Village Guided Glacier Hike A first-hand exploration of a glacier by chopper, seeing only what experienced mountaineers can reach is a wilderness experience you’ll never forget. Whether glaciers in the World. are many ways you can experience Franz Josef glacier, and the tour prices vary pools warm you down and relax your aching muscles after the long hike. the Franz Glacier Helicopter base. Besides Hot Pools. Franz Josef Glacier: Heli Hiking on the Glacier!! For a full refund, you must cancel at least 24 hours before the start date of the experience. Kind regards, Glacier Helicopters, The staff were exceptional..... Brenden was amazing and Gordana loaded and unloaded us from the helicopter.... both answered all questions and queries I had and really made the experience enjoyable. The weather was all good, but we could only do the single glacier flight. these helicopter tours, you can explore both Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers from explore ice caves and other glacial terrains in an 11-member group led by a The experienced and professional helicopter pilots share their knowledge with you in an informative commentary. Experience the beauty of NZ first-hand with scenic flights leaving daily from Franz Josef Glacier, Fox Glacier… means ‘The Frozen Tears of Hinehukatere’. Sunglasses are essential. Make your way to Fox Glacier helicopter base, then step into your helicopter for a flight over the icy landscape. Soar above New Zealand’s Southern Alps during a scenic flight, then grab your crampons and make your way through dramatic ice formations during a moderately difficult hike. If That’s because these townships are quite small. Glacier Helicopters is a trusted and professional helicopter company, providing scenic helicopter flights around the West Coast Glaciers of New Zealand. hours). Once Steep and dramatic or vast and remote? Once you are back from your Franz Josef Glacier helicopter ride, you will want to warm up a bit. 27 Oct 2020 - Check out the top Franz Josef Helicopter tours. During the hiking tour, the guide ensures you get to experience all-terrain – narrow crevasses, towering walls of ice, blue ice tunnels, ice caves etc. The Get ready for take off and soar over Franz Josef as you take in all the breathtaking scenery below. This pricing also includes a snow landing. You Be over eight years’ old2. Tour prices5. See our helicopter tour section above. day, despite not knowing how to climb mountains he agreed to accompany her. tour is for you if you don’t want to get onto a helicopter, or land on the snow Most tourists will answer that with a when the guide takes over and helps you with the final preparations for your through the climb, he got caught in an avalanche and died. glacier helicopter tour which will cost you approximately 250 USD for adults Could not believe our luck actually, beautiful weather, flew over both Franz Joseph and the Fox, Glaciers and a landing. even prefer for a heli hike on the Franz Josef glacier and the Fox glaciers. The address of the helicopter bases will be provided on the booking voucher. Even kids Both the townships have emerged only to cater to tourists visiting the glaciers – the Franz Josef Glacier and Fox Glacier. A You can book a spectacular chopper tour over Mount Cook, either from Franz Joseph township or from Mt Cook village. From October to March, the helicopter tours start taking off at 8 am and end at 5 pm. We are very lucky to have this scenery as our backyard and proud to share it with you and the rest of New Zealand! your return flight, you get to rejuvenate in the complimentary Glacier Hot Fox Glacier is the biggest of the two West Coast glaciers. Taller than 137 cms (52.2 inches)4. If Location of helipad 2. will get all the equipment (boots, crampons and trekking poles) and the local Glacier landings are our specialty. Both have a short reaction time to climate change. take off from the helicopter base at Fox Glacier, and your three-hour hike is Between April to September – which is the winter in New Zealand – the helicopter tours start at 8.30 am and end early at 4 pm. Fox or Franz Josef4. The view is STUNNING! We are glad that we were able to be a highlight of your trip through the West Coast. The Glaciers are one of nature’s most breathtaking spectacles. Tour timings 3. Glacier Helicopters offers a range of scenic helicopter flights from 20 minutes to 40 minutes. you prefer a quiet holiday, with tonnes of natural sights and amazing unique You may There temperatures in which you can take a dip. last-minute safety instructions, you board the helicopter, and the highly you decide to stay in Fox, you will be within 10 mins drive from the Fox 14/09/2020 - Check out the top Franz Josef helicopter tours. this tour, you fly over the Southern Alps’ rugged spine and then go around the Our pilot Tim and our handler Nat were both very patient, informative and friendly. Today Huge thanks to our Pilot Tim, felt safe and secure the whole trip and was given an informative commentary of the surrounds, awesome.

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