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Temperature of Mount Everest The temperature at the Mt. Weather During Everest Base Camp Trek in May. The second half would get rainfall with the occasional thunderstorm. During the first half of July, there is little to no rainfall and in the second half the frequency of the rainfall starts to increase but it will not downpour. But if you have a proper mindset and proper packing, the weather in the Everest region in the month of June should not detract you. Wind: The average daily wind speed in July has been around 16 km/h. Also, the regional distribution of rainfall varies from one to the other area. Note: All these available data are only estimated data based on our past forecast data. This month has longer day time and shorter night time as compared to other seasons. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are planning to trek Everest Base Camp or other trekking routes in Nepal. If you want to come to Everest Base Camp, why don’t you try out Everest High Passes trek? The average temperature during these months is 18 °C. Also, at high altitudes, you'll see far less precipitation than the lower regions of Nepal. Everest Base Camp Weather in June. Wear shoes with good grips as that will help you walk on slippery trails. The temperatures are above freezing at the camp with an average daily high temperature of 17 … We can help you to manage your trip. June The temperature at the Everest Base Camp remains about 17 degrees maximum and 5 degrees minimum in June. With the slight touch of the monsoons, the vegetation in the mountain region will come alive and will result in splendid viewing. But the temperature at the lower altitudes, including the valley will be quite moderate and you can also opt for camping. If you're trekking at high altitudes, while dressing layering is recommended. Up to the altitude of 2000 meters, the daytime temperature is higher than 22 degree Celsius (71 degrees Fahrenheit). June features the longest days of the year, you can enjoy around 12-13 hours of sunshine each day. The trek has some awesome features and wonderful trails to walk in. Or you can directly call, WhatsApp, Viber, IMO at  +977-98511 83278 (Ram). These win… Everest Base Camp Weather in June: June is the start of Summer/Monsoon season in Nepal and the temperature starts to go higher and rain starts slowly. Since most of the mountains of Nepal are situated on the southern side, the temperature is relatively mild even at high altitudes. During this month, there are a few sunny and clear days in comparison to February month. You will also go to Tengboche Monastery and Namche Bazaar. So, why should you fear trekking to the Base Camp in the month of June? As this is the major monsoon month so amounts of the rainfalls are generally high. This is the hottest temperature at the base camp. During this time of the year, the temperature slightly drops down due to frequent rainfall. If you happen to be stung by a leech, table salt will help you get rid of it. Everest Base Camp Weather June, July and August, 2 Nights 3 Days Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour, Everest Base Camp Weather December-January-February, What you should Know before Trek to Everest Base Camp, What is the Difficulty Level to Trek to Everest base camp, Everest Base Camp Weather September, October, November, Everest Base Camp Weather March, April, May, Why should you Trek to Everest Base Camp During November, What Is The Daily Distance Of Everest Base Camp Hike. Its climate is mainly determined by the Indian Monsoon which brings moisture and clouds from June to September. June falls in between the end of spring and the start of Monsoon season in Nepal. The days get warmer as the number of rainfall decreases. The air is the freshest then and therefore perfect for the beginning of your trek. You are recommended to wear clothes in layers and the outer layer of your clothes should be waterproof. Mount Everest lies 28° north of the equator and is subject to a typical northern hemisphere seasonal pattern. Here are a few reasons why: Due to some amount of rainfall in the month of June, you should take into account the fact that your treks might not go as fluently as in other months when monsoon is absent. The precipitation in the regions with altitude more than 4000 m is very low even in the monsoons. But with a great team and proper gear you will definitely have an experience to remember. Summer with a touch of rain makes this month a beautiful month to travel to Everest Base Camp. The pleasant wind to go with the warm temperature in this month will bring about a lot of comfortable trekking if you’ve never trekked in high altitude before. It is somewhat challenging to trek in the monsoon season. The morning and evening times are usually chilly in the higher regions. The region is humid. But the humidity increases and making the heat muggy. Clear weather. So, you are recommended to wear a layered and waterproof outer layer which will help you stay warm and dry during rainfall. Mt. There might be slippery trails along the way to slow you down. As the flowers that are blossoming in the spring above get a touch of rain in the monsoon of June, the flower and plant life along the way will be lush green. But, during nights and at altitudes above 4000 meters, temperatures can get as low as -15 °C. The guides and porters along the way will have a good way of predicting what the weather might be like on a given day. While trekking in such slippery and muddy areas, porters carrying your items will help you retain your balance. The weather at Everest Base Camp (EBC) is one of the extremes, both in terms of temperatures and winds. You have a better chance of seeing the mountain clearly.A special hiking permit is needed for an extended hike near Everest Base Camp which we can try to arrange. And what do the warmer temperatures mean? Everest and its adjacent mountains such as Nuptse, Lhotse, etc. The weather and climate of Mount Everest is one of extremes. Similarly, lower altitude places like Lukla, Namche, Tengboche the temperature ranges from 2°C to 18°C. As there will still be a few rainfalls, you should prepare yourself accordingly. The sunny days can bring temperatures reaching about 25 °C whereas the cold morning and night have -15 °C area above 4000 meters. The most distinctive feature of the Everest Base Camp climate may be its extremely huge temperature gap between day and night. Trekking to the Everest Base Camp in June. If yes, then you don’t have to worry!!! So due to the foggy and cloudy weather, you may not get the clear views of snow-capped mountains. As for the base camp, it is a very favorable time to easily finish the trek. The government requires that people go as part of a tour, and it is best to go in a private tour for flexibility. These two places will give you a feel of the Sherpa culture as well as lifestyle. These months are known as also summer season months. Are you planning Everest Base Camp trek in a monsoon? In … During this season, monsoon blows from the south-east direction and brings rain to the country. There is no doubt that there are chances of rain in this season. A short descriptive headline that describes what you're looking for. Extremely cold (max -28°C on Tue night, min -32°C on Thu morning). Kala Patthar is one of the best viewpoints of the Everest region. You’ll get to know the people of the region better and you can make some amazing friends along the way. The Everest base camp temperature ranges between 0 to 40 Fahrenheit in day, which … However, there might be rainfall in the late part of the season. There would be occasional rainfall but will not downpour. Hence the weather is usually nice and warm. If you want to try it out, the locals will be more than happy to guide you. Weather and Temperature at Everest Base Camp In June. The temperature in Everest Base Camp area in December range between 4°C in the daytime to -14°C at night. Winds decreasing (strong winds from the W on Tue night, moderate winds from the WSW by Wed night). You might encounter bugs and leeches along the trail so, you need to be extra careful while trekking. July is another monsoon month in Nepal. Fewer chances of dark clouds blocking the visibility. At night the average minimum temperatures drop down to around 2°C. Therefore, the early parts of this month are relatively drier and have a low amount of water vapour. Mt. In lower elevations, the landscaped washed in the monsoon rain makes the surrounding clear and crisp. The early part of the month usually marks the end of Everest-climbing season, so climbers and other expedition members retrace their steps along the Everest Base Camp trekking route and back to Lukla. The average temperature during these months is 18 °C. Blogs I write are mainly about tips, facts, and suggestions about trekking in the Himalayas to help you make your trip a perfect one! However, the temperature may change drastically during rainfall if there happens to be rainfall. Despite the low temperatures the biggest issue faced by climbers are hurricane force winds and wind chill. Since all these trekking regions lie in the rain-shadow areas in Nepal so you don’t have to worry about the rains at all. Everest, Mt. The average summit temperature in July is -2° F (-19° C). This trek in the Everest region lasts for 3 weeks. Even the high altitudes are warmer during May. You might encounter bugs and mosquitos in lower regions so, carry mosquito/bugs repellant with you. Temperatures at the base camp can be as high as 16-17°C during the daytime, dropping to around 6-8°C at night, which is warm for an area at such a high altitude. Their experience will amaze you. And what do the warmer temperatures mean? This represents the average number of hours in the daytime that the sun is visible and not obscured by the cloud. The Everest Base Camp trek leads to the most beautiful place in the world, Kala Patthar. Wind: The average daily wind speed in August has been around 16 km/h. It is generally around -20 to -30 degrees Celsius. In the monsoon season, there might be mosquitoes and other insects. At night the temperatures drop downs to around -1 degree Celsius. You have to pack smartly. Thus the flora in the Sagarmatha National Park will be the lush green. Further, your flights to Lukla from Kathmandu when you are about to start your trek might be cancelled due to climatic conditions that make the flights unable to operate. At night the average minimum temperatures drop down to around -1°C. Often, during this period, you can see how climbers wear T-shirts right up to Camp 3. Other places along your trek to the Base Camp or the high passes you want to go to also welcome you with warmer temperatures. For more detail: Everest Base Camp Weather. The average temperature on day time is about 16/17C and the minimum temperature at night may drop about 0C. So you might say,”How wise will it be to trek in the monsoons?” And the answer is,”With proper gear and planning, Everest Base Camp Trek in June is a delight for all trekkers in all seasons.”. A guide or porter will also come in handy while tracking the weather. This month is fairly warm. This represents the average number of hours in the daytime that the sun is visible and not obscured by the cloud. The day time remains sunny and warm. There are chances that you can have some delay along your way due to the monsoon. With longer sunny days, the average temperature goes up to 15 degrees Celcius and at night it gets cold at 0 degrees Celcius… June in the northern hemisphere means warm climatic conditions. The temperature at the base camp rarely gets above freezing throughout the year, and the biting winds that blow across the Himalayas make the temperatures feel even colder. Generally, Everest Base Camp weather during June, July and August is hot in the daytime and mild at night. Wind: The average daily wind speed in June has been around 16 km/h. Waterproof backpacks will help you protect your valuable items in cases of rain. Everest Base Camp (5,200 meters): It is best to visit before the monsoon begins in the middle of the month. Generally, Everest Base Camp weather during June, July and August is hot in the daytime and mild at night. Besides this wonderful EBC trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Upper Mustang Trek, and Manaslu Circuit Trek are also doable during these months.

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