gore tex stuffing box packing

Regen bleibt draußen während Schweiß verdunsten kann. Steve Steve Gaston Buck Algonquin Co., Inc. Best packing for stuffing box NonChalant1 had an informative post about using gore Tex for the shaft stuffing boxes. From United States +C $37.24 shipping estimate. Gore Tex packing seems to be the current leader for repacking. Buy It Now. Checking the temperature of the stuffing box while the propshaft is turning is a good idea. By substituting your present flax packing with a new material called GFO Packing, made by Gore-Tex. The engine compartment is … packing, Gore Tex GFO Fiber - 3/16" OR 1/4" - per foot quantity. SKU: GT-3/16. GFO Dealers Distributors. Gore fibers, which renders it thermal conductive, allowing your stuffing box to run cooler. With this system the box is nearly dripless so be careful not to overtighten. Water dripping through when running helps maintain the temperature. Huge … Ran the boat two miles at low speeds (1200 rpm) and they got over 300 degrees and were smoking. This combination of fibers produces a packing that is thermally conductive, strong and very durable. Packing Size for Stuffing Box ... Hi Guys, Wanted to inquire the size of the packing used for the stuffing box on your boats. $6.99 + $3.45 shipping . Buy It Now. 6 layers in each log. Gerry C42 #108 Annapolis, MD The abrasion factor would be the other consideration. From United States +C $37.06 shipping estimate. An enjoyable and rewarding job. 1-7/8" + 2" Shaft Packing Wrench Combo Pack 4.0 out of 5 stars 1. Installs the same way as Flax packing. (Stuffing box gland inside diameter minus shaft diameter divided by 2 should be the size of the packing material being used) Check the condition of the shaft. I have used it and I struggled with the break in procedure. That is, they may not allow enough water to pass, especially if improperly adjusted, which leads to stuffing box overheating and excessive shaft wear. I have installed Gore Tex GFO stuffing box packing in my Shamrock 260 Express with a 1 1/4 inch shaft. Interested in hearing experiences, good and bad, from the forum. Please feel free to contact one the GFO Authorized Distributors available:. I hope this helps. Check to make sure the new packing is the correct diameter size. We plan to take the boat out tomorrow for a "real test" and will report back. When I got a new prop shaft I took the opportunity to replace the stuffing box hose and re-pack the packing gland with GFO Gore-Tex packing. May 7, 2018 - GFO Marine Shaft Packing is a braided propeller that is easy to install, won’t damage shafts & bilges stay dry! Heat on the outside of the stuffing box indicates even more heat being generated by friction around the shaft, packing and stuffing box. Any burrs or sharp areas must be repaired prior to installation. Too hot to hold is way too hot; merely wam to the touch and easy to hold is probably acceptable. Add to cart. 1-7/8" + 2-1/4" Shaft Packing Wrench Combo Pack 1 offer from $61.95. Shaft packing teflon boat stuffing box 1/4" by the foot(US $3.95) Packing extractor tool # 1 shaft stuffing box log western pacific trading 10160(US $14.95) Video: Violent SRT Viper Cup crash leaves driver unharmed Mon, 21 May 2012 00:00:00 -0700. In hind sight, I probably should have used 3/16". is BUK HO225. The hose is 2-1/4 ID I got it a Fawcetts in Annapolis, the part no. Interesting reading (to me) on caution on use of PB Blaster, proper stuffing box hose, moldable packing temp issues, importance of drip, handy home made installation tool and a alarming caution on graphite impregnated packing. Ran the boat two miles at low speeds (1200 rpm) and they got over 300 degrees and were smoking. Replacing your packing is easy too. 02-10-2017, 03:04 PM. These materials are chemically inert, highly abrasion resistant, and able to withstand temperatures up to 550 o F (288 o C). I recently used 1/4" Gore GFO. Check if this part fits your vehicle . Since the goretex has the least abrasion impact, it would be the better choice. Thanks. Shaft) The specs in my book tell me that it has "3/16" x 3/16" packing rings" The new packing comes in lengths of 2ft. I will be repacking my stuffing box on my Catalina 270. SHAFT FLAX PACKING BOAT STUFFING BOX 1/4" X 2' WESTERN PACIFIC 10052-2. While these packing variants tend to be more slippery and longer lasting than flax, they can in some cases work too well. The C42 uses 1/4 inch packing. Vincentc. At the dock with the engine in forward idle, no leakage. They can be used in virtually any static or dynamic application requiring compression packing. The low surface friction of GTU contributes to less drag on the shaft, which in turn results in better fuel economy. It shouldn't be more than about 15-20˚ warmer than ambient temperature of the water. This product is braided with W.L. After several hours of motoring there is less than a cup of water in the catch basin below the seal. We have used it on our trawler, the Patricia Ann for two years and have dry bilges.

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