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b) buys bonds from the public, which decreases the money supply.... You often read in the newspapers that the Fed has just lowered the discount rate. B. Services, Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community. C. causes an increase in the federal fu... How can I describe some of the choices the government makes between consumption today and investment for tomorrow? My assignment is to survey the main questions swirling around monetary policy today. Open market operation b. C) The monetary policy... What interest rate does a bank pay when it borrows reserves overnight from another bank? Monetary Policy Statement November 2020; c. affect only out... International financial transactions are most likely to affect the U.S. monetary base when a. the United States is in recession. In the Kydland-Prescott theory, it is desirable for central bank officials to hate inflation passionately. b. Which parameters of the Gordon growth model's formula should be affected by contractionary monetary policy and in which direction? Suppose a manager wants to borrow $50 million of a Treasury security that it plans to purchase and hold for 20 days. Activities that influence economic activity and prices. Use the IS-LM model to show that fiscal policy becomes more effective … Thus, increase in Bank rate reflects tightening of RBI monetary policy. Activists hold that: a. activist monetary policy is flexible. Vol. What are the pros and cons of using expansionary and contractionary monetary policy tools under the following scenarios; depression, recession, and robust economic growth? What impact would an increase in the discount rate have? a. Higher interest rates cause reductions in investment in capita... How can international monetary trilemma or financial trilemma be addressed? According to the new Keynesian model, expansionary monetary policy can be effective if it is a) anticipated. a. Monetary Policy. But (3), buying those bonds, constitutes open market operations, a part of Monetary Policy. Using a money market, a causal chain, and the Macro model, describe and show how expansionary monetary policy affects the economy. The Fed lowers the reserve ratio. A. D. initiated through actions of Congress. b. A. For monetary policy purposes, the Eurosystem accepts a broader range of ABSs as collateral than the subset of ABSs fulfilling the STS requirements. c. What is a "retention pond", why and when was it formed? Robust economic growth. I... With reference to the choice of exchange rate regime and currency crisis: "A significant advantage of a flexible exchange rate regime is the ability to pursue an independent monetary policy". 100% Plagiarism Free. A change in interest rates, which changes i... During an inflationary period, the Federal Reserve is most likely to: (a) lower the discount rate (b) buy government securities (c) lower reserve requirements (d) raise the discount rate. a. D. saving equals zero. It's not like Feds will forcefully demand banks to buy bonds. a. Which of the following is an example of a monetary policy? Explain. cutting prices of consumer goods. Missed a question here and there? Discuss what are the two conflicting goals of bankers. The cost of not taking the discount on trade credit of 2/20, net 60 is equal to: a) 18.36%. Explain. a. lowering the discount rate b. lowering the required reserve ratio c. an open market purchase d. an open market sale. a. Tags: Question 2 . Analyze the impact of fiscal and monetary policy on the economy. 30 seconds . Changing tariffs and quotas on imported goods C. Changing... Holding all else equal, which of the following monetary policies would be used to boost U.S. exports? Unlike fiscal policy — which could take months to implement — the first steps toward changing the money supply can be taken the day the decision to do so is made. Monetary Policy Questions and Answers. There are many tools that are an example of the monetary policy. cutting taxes. Fill in either rise/fall or increase/decrease. (a) Either could choose more schooling. c. Macroeco... Monetary policy in the US, especially the desire to increase interest rates, will have international repercussions. 2. 24x7 Online Chat Support. b. necessarily expands the size of government. 1.) Tight monetary policy (Note: ALL parts of the answer option must be correct for it to be the right answer.) A. Briefly state and evaluate the problem of time lags in enacting and applying fiscal policy. Describe TWO (2) policies in which a government might influence private investment in order to ensure sufficient economic growth in a country. Context: The rate-setting Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) will be meeting five times in FY21, against seven in FY20. Report Monetary Policy. This quiz tests your knowledge on various aspects of monetary policy - feedback is provided on your score for each question. d) 17.41%. Does the Fed have control over the federal funds rate and over bank reserves? Test your understanding of Monetary policy concepts with Study.com's quick multiple choice quizzes. b. set directly by the Fed through monetary policy. How does lowering interest rates leads to lower unemployment rates? … Is fiscal policy or monetary policy more effective? What has the track record been of the Federal Reserve achieving its goal? When banks need funding for just a few days, they would most likely do what? You are allowed two attempts Main file. 8 key questions about monetary policy answered. Which of the following is true? How transparent should the central bank be? Monetary policy is how the Federal Reserve (central bank of the United States) works to achieve the macroeconomic goals of full employment, price stability, and growth. Explain about the Expansionary Monetary Policy and the influence of the Cash Required Ratio, Discount Rate, Government Securities. The interest rate... For the past decade, the unemployment rate in the Eurozone has been higher than the unemployment rate in the United States. Which is longer the fiscal policy lag or the monetary policy lag? Which of the following combinations of economic policy objectives is most likely to lead to a financial crisis? c) both of the above. (b) changes in the discount rate. Why is i... Expansionary monetary and fiscal policies are used by policymakers in a recession to _____. Why are spending-switching policies more effective in restoring external balance, and spending-changing polic... What are the goals of monetary policy? Quiz; Quiz-monetary-policy; Test your knowledge with a quiz. Suppose the Federal Reserve raised its key interest rate on Wednesday from a range of 0% to 0.25% to a range of 0.25% to 0.5%. Explain two possible failures of monetary policy in the Keynesian transmission mechanism in terms of a liquidity trap and vertical investment schedule. b) decreases the money supply and raises interest rates. Answers to the Questions for Review; Flashcard glossaries; Multiple choice questions; Web links; Lecturer resources; VLE content; Figures from the book; PowerPoint slides ; Test bank; Browse: All subjects; Business & Economics; Economics; Learn about: Online Resource Centres; VLE/CMS Content; Test Banks; Help; Your feedback; From our catalogue pages: Find a textbook; Find your local rep; … 2. January 20 14 13 .00 -16. Monetary policy, unlike fiscal policy, does not have any time lags. The government lowers int... What are the basic policy tools that central banks use to guide an economy? Updated 2/13/2019 Jacob Reed 1. In practice, however, there are obstacles to the use of such policies. Test your understanding with practice problems and step-by-step solutions. The purchase of bonds B. False. Why do changes in reserve requirements have less predictable effects on the money supply in comparison to changes in open market operations? Some economists argue that policymakers can use monetary and fiscal policy to reduce the severity of economic fluctuations. SURVEY . 1 Answer/Comment. 9th - 12th grade. A) The discount rate. (2). B. monetary base. c) increases government spending and/or cuts taxes. Given this economic situation, which of the following statements about monetary policy is accurate? The use of the money supply to influence the economy is A. called fiscal policy. ii) They both work primarily by influencing aggregate demand, which... Fiscal Policy increases government spending and lowers income taxes. c. discount rate. Governments closely monitor the growth and contraction of their economies in order to manage the well-being of their citizens. b. What is its rate of discount and its interest yield? b. Who determines U.S. monetary policy? Name at least one action that the Fed could take to reduce the money supply and raise interest rates. Who is responsible for setting and implementing monetary policy? It said, that consequently, some space has opened up for monetary policy accommodation, given the dynamics of the output gap and accordingly decided to reduce the policy repo rate by 25 basis points. a year ago. Marla is a macroeconomist who believes that monetary policy is not very effective in changing aggregate demand, output, and employment. How much must this bank hold in required reserves? List and discuss any two (2) tools of monetary policy. Question: Identify Monetary Policy Implication Of The Financial Crises (how The Monetary Policy Reacts To The Crises) In Turkey ? Multiple choice format with a difficulty level of medium. Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Which of the following would be considered contractionary monetary policy? Each question yields a pre- specified number of points, making a total of 100 points. Identify whether the policy action is fiscal or monetary and expansionary or contractionary. What are the effects in the long term? Each question is worth 15 points. An open market purchase. b.... Would you recommend that Tombini continue to raise interest rates? the general public and communicating about monetary policy suggests that the question posed in this paper is important for policymaking.4 So, perhaps the lack of empirical work in this area simply re⁄ects the fact that households™perceptions about monetary policy are not directly observed nor surveyed. Through monetary policy, now termed QE 3, the Federal Reserve System is purchasing $40 billion of mortgage securities (bonds) per month. Trace the impact of a contractionary monetary policy on bond prices, interest rates, investment, the exchange rate, net exports, real GDP, and the price level. With flexible prices, how does a permanent increase in the U.S. money supply growth rate affect the exchange rate (say, of dollars for euros) in the short run and in the long run? Expansionary monetary policy: a. raises interest rates, causing aggregate demand to shift to the left. b. from dues paid to it by member banks. b. Promoting maximum employment, c. Keeping long-term interest rates moderate, d. Keeping a high exchange rate fo... Why does The Contractionary Monetary Policy cause interest rates to rise? Please discuss the c... How is Quantitative Easing good for businesses? C. net exports equal zero. t. f. Tags: Question 20 . The Fed lowers the federal funds rate. cutting taxes. (Recall that interest rates are always quoted on an annual basis... What become the most important and effective means of monetary and credit control? A. Expansionary policy would only worsen the recession... Monetary tools of the Federal Reserve do not include which of the following choices? b) stimulates borrowing. Business Economics . I emphasize three words in this sentence, each for a different reason. d. decreasing the discount rate. ... Q. If a central bank implements monetary policy through either interest rate control or money supply control, a rise in the growth rate of the nominal money supply relative to the growth rate of nomin... Basically, the Federal Reserve increases or decreases to change. Appropriate fiscal and monetary polices during the contractionary phase of the business cycle include: A. budget surpluses and higher discount rates. The Fed reduces the reserve ratio. May 2011 TZ1. Excess reserves of commercial banks will decrease, b. Reference. a. d. have no effect on exports. b. set directly by the Fed through monetary policy. 224 times. Explain how these issues affect fiscal policies. Banks occasionally borrow from the Federal Reserve when they find themselves short on reserves. Expand B. What are the effects of monetary and fiscal policy on an open economy? a. When RBI increases the bank rate, the cost of borrowing for banks rises and this credit volume gets reduced leading to decline in supply of money. b. Monetary Policy Statement November 2020; Progressing Climate Action by Driving Transformational Change; Monetary policy and regional … B. follow contractionary policy. Give an example. What happens when discount rate is raised? Discuss with reference to the "impossibility triangle". As of 13 June 2019, the … (a) Explain the factors which might be responsible for causing consumer spending to fall. The interest rate banks charge each other is called the a. prime interest rate. During the global financial crisis of 2008–2009, there was a fall in consumer spending in many countries. Provide an example of a real-life application in which the Federal Reserve Banking System would use contractionary monetary policy over expansionary monetary policy. Would you expect the federal government's demand for loanable funds to be more or less interest-elastic than household demand for loanable funds? If there is a threat of inflation, but an election is coming up soon, time inconsistency is likely to tempt policymakers to do which of the following? Decrease a fiscal deficit while keep... Monetary policy is impacted by the foreign sector through A. Latest Monetary Policy assignment questions answered by industry experts. The three monetary policy tools include all of the following except: a. e. federal funds rate. b. currency, near-money, and remove ratio. b. Should central bank policy be discretional or rule-based? The quantity of money and supply of loanable funds _____. What is the opportunity set? Suppose the Federal Reserve raises the discount rate and the target federal funds rate, and as a result, decision makers anticipate a lower future rate of inflation. November 1985. Assume the economy is in a deep recession. a. The tools of monetary policy include open market operations, the discount rate, and the reserve … Is the Federal Reserve implementing expansionary or contractionary monetary policy? Challenges for monetary policy The following graph shows the aggregate demand (AD) and aggregate supply (AS) curves for a hypothetical economy. Consider an economy with a fixed exchange rate and free flows of capital. Explain. A. Which of the following choices is the most likely cause? To eliminate the gap, should the central bank use expansionary or contractionary monetary policy? Why or why not? a. Indicate whether each scenario is an example of a recognition lag, implementation lag, or impact lag. Q: Refer to Table 10.4. Define both fiscal and monetary policy. Latest Monetary Policy assignment questions answered by industry experts. Main is because one person's side issue is another's main issue. Explain why or why not. For many years, the RBA practice was to make an announcement only when the interest rate was changed. Comparing the United States and Switzerland, in which country would monetary policy have a more signifi... By lending to commercial banks through the discount window, the Federal Reserve alters (currency in circulation, the discount rate, borrowed reserves, prices of government securities, or non-borrow... Should the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) take into account housing prices when making monetary policy decisions? B. tax reductions and open market purchases. What is the intended purpose of a such a program? Monetary policy is difficult when interest rates are low. (1) is done by issuance of bonds, T-bills etc. D) increase the discount rate. D) A & B only. B. c) expansionary. How could a bank earn easy profits? federalreserve.gov Privacy Policy Contact Us. $250,000 c. $350,000 d. $1,700,000. Unemployment will increase. b. increasing government expenditures. Be sure to provide specific examples. Suppose an economist has a bright idea: a central bank should lean against the wind when output falls but not when it rises. a. Is monetary policy neutral in the long-run? Monetary policy is formulated based on inputs gathered from a variety of sources. a. I and I... How is the discount rate different from the federal funds rate? B. the last resort loan, which means that... a. b. What policy (fiscal or monetary) is more effective at stabilizing an economy that is in a recession? b. Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree. Why or why not? Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. How will the interest rate, investment spending, co... What does the political business cycle imply for the debate over policy rules? s. Log in for more information. Explain briefly. 99) obliges the SNB, … b) unanticipated. Managing interest rates and credit conditions. Does It Work? What are the limits of monetary and exchange rate policy? Explain the time lags as a limitation to fiscal policy. Can't find the question you're looking for? Why did the Fed create Reverse Repo Facility? My assignment is to survey the main questions swirling around monetary policy today. Questions and answers on monetary policy strategy. What is the IMF’s role around CBDCs now and in the future? Go ahead and submit it to our experts to be answered. Main is because one person's side issue is another's main issue. Your IP: c) reduces borrowing. The SNB policy rate is the third element of the SNB's monetary policy strategy in addition to the definition of price stability and the conditional inflation forecast (Questions and answers on monetary policy strategy). What does this model show? Release date. There was some speculation that the RBA would cut the cash rate from 2% to 1.75%. Which of the following options is correct? Explain fully why the monetarist school claims that monetary policy is stronger than fiscal policy in stabilizing the economy to reduce recession and inflation? Monetary policy: some questions and answers (PDF 292.2 KB) Latest Publications. Get Answer Now! Which of the following is an example of contractionary monetary policy? Which policy (monetary or fiscal policy) achieves quicker results? What is the interest rate the Federal Reserve will charge University Bank called? Questions and Answers About Inflation . If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Evaluate the monetary policy the Reserve Bank Australian is pursuing. Who controls each? Use the Taylor Rule to determine the prescribed federal funds rate. traded and a non-traded sector in each country, optimal independent monetary policy cannot. November 1985. The Fed lowers the federal funds rate. A primary advantage is the speed with which changes can be implemented. Q. The Riksbank has interpreted this objective to mean a low, stable rate of inflation Questions and answers on monetary policy. Use an AD/AS diagram in your discussion. No, the eligibility criteria for ABSs are specified in the “General framework” and the “Temporary framework” for monetary policy instruments. Expansionary monetary policy is used when a government aims to increase the rate of monetary expansion to stimulate the growth of the domestic economy. Authors: Norbert Michel and William Beach. Monetary policy: some questions and answers (PDF 292.2 KB) Latest Publications. What is the cash rate? Why or why not? How does the current system differ from the system that was in place prior to August 1971? A. The discount rate is the interest rate on loans that the Federal Reserve makes to banks. Explain how do these conflicting goals get resolved in the federal funds market. Sell bonds in open market operations. c. the rate banks charge each other to borrow money. B. the federal budget is balanced. Q. Assume the borrowing rate is 10% and the lending rate is 5%. What is the Australian government's fiscal policy stance in the current phase of the business cycle? (d) reserve requirements. d) neither of the above. what is the purpose of Monetary Policy? Would investment (I) change? For instance, the monetary authority may look at macroeconomic numbers … Government's incurring debt is part of fiscal policy. (d) its purchasing power does not vary over time. As of 13 June 2019, the latter replaced the target range for the three-month Swiss franc Libor previously used in the SNB's monetary policy strategy. Choose your answers to the questions and click 'Next' to see the next set of questions. Edit. 01/11/1985. b. the interest rate the Federal Reserve banks charge individuals. In order to correct problems in the economy, monetary policy works mainly through changes in: a. consumer spending. Get … d. All of the above. A) The fiscal policy lag is the longer. About the Fed; History Structure & Functions Explain why the IS curve is vertical when investment is unaffected by changes in the interest rate. Answer with special attention to the Taylor Rule. The long-term real interest rate _____. b. government spending. What goals does the SNB pursue with its monetary policy? What are a few tools that can be used in monetary policy? Hi The answer of the following question is given below in a detailed manner as … Discount policy. For Prelims: MPC- composition, objectives and functions. 9th - 12th grade. The increased demand for cash shifts the LM curve up. According to studies on monetary policy, about how long on average does it take for a given policy change by the Federal Reserve to change expenditures and aggregate demand: Expansionary monetary policy: a) decreases government spending and/or raises taxes. A company has expected free cash flows of $1.45 million, $2.93 million, and $3.2million in the next three years. Provide feedback. If the Fed conducts open market purchases, then which quantities increases? Suppose the Fed expands the money supply, but because the public expects this Fed action, it simultaneously raises its expectation of the price level. a. 2. As a result, when the Bank of Canada sets its interest rate the size of the money supp... How is federal funds rate related to the interest rate that we paid for our auto, student, or mortgage loan? Why? General Knowledge Quiz. Explain one measure the Fed needs to take to slow down the economy during the i... Why did Japan's control on inflation have less impact on their real output than in the US in the 1970s through monetary targeting? Explain why the Federal Reserve focuses on monetary policy on the interest rate which is known as the federal funds rate. C. Reserve requirements. And how Australia can survive without a stable exchange rate? B) Explain how each monetary policy tool is used. d.... What would be an appropriate monetary policy for our economy right now?

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