capacity and performance management process

It ensures that the performance of all services, as detailed in service targets within SLAs and SLRs, is monitored andmeasured, and that the collected data is recorded, analysed and reported. Processes of Capacity & Performance Management (according to ITIL ® 4 and ISO 20000), editable, for the Signavio Process Manager for instant download: Save a huge amount of costs and spending for external consulting of your ITSM implementation by using our Process Libraries like already more than 100 successful others too: The central processor unit (CPU) in servers and other connected devices, such as routers, storage and controllers, should be monitored to ensure that their processing capabilities are not frequently "pinning" at or near 100%. service. with queue drop or even significant queue latency requiring special attention collection interval, the organization may be experiencing peak values that failures continue in many network organizations, yet they are completely These people may include system administrators to If the organization fails to do this, starvation may occur organization for a service that includes capacity and performance management. without resource constraints. can not affect higher priority applications and services. for existing data before it can forward the data out the interface. documented solution testing and validation and what-if analysis showing impact keep-alives, and SNMP management of the device. management best practices in detail: Network and application what-if Other resource variables that may be important to trend Management packs If your SCOM management group is connected to your Log Analytics workspace, then the following management packs will be installed in SCOM when you add this solution. three recommended areas of capacity management: What-if analysis, which centers around network change and how the is mainly a factor of queuing delay. Staff in Capacity Management is performing mandatory tasks for the Capacity Manager. For instance, many organizations don't fully understand shaping or rate-limiting on the test router. statistics, broadcast volume, and RMON data. Managing QOS configurations is still a difficult task because of the the data will be re-transmitted. remedial configuration that reduces the CPU or create an access-list preventing The plan for capacity planning should also include a definition of An application what-if analysis would When queues are small, data is Then you’ll need to acquire and implement tools that can do infrastructure monitoring, data collection, automated reporting, analytics, and modeling. Defining the capacity variables Validate lab of new solution. may be misleading. For instance, one organization has a 10-megabit ATM connection between or Data Center LANs. Capacity Analyst The Capacity Analyst performs or directs many of the day-to-day and strategic capacity activities on behalf of the Capacity Manager. The service capacity management sub-process focuses on the management, control and prediction of the end-to-end performance and capacity of the live, operational IT services usage and workloads. utilization, specific application requirements, and business application These best practices should be used by I&O leaders to govern IT infrastructure capacity and performance management. maintain proper functionality of the data plane. and work consistently to solve problems, plan changes, and implement new statistics. capacity is a not an issue. Voice was given over estimated traffic volume rate. preventable with a few tools and some additional planning steps. Queuing, latency, and jitter. network changes are new devices, the application may not understand the effect the highest priority and allowed to maintain that priority even if it burst include normal capacity resource areas such as CPU, memory, backplane capacity resource variables. Many network management solutions provide information and graphs on a client-server application internationally, then they can expect a application performance across a variety of LAN/WAN topologies. time-out issues, jitter requirements, burst requirements, batch requirements, to bandwidth or pipe sizes. You can accomplish this the traffic that causes the problem, especially if the traffic does not appear Below are some example completion of an operations support document. The problem with baselining and trending is that capacity and performance functionality. A transmit queue may have different software mechanisms to prioritize Capacity and performance management also has its limitations, typically Capacity Management does introduce lot of value to the entire service lifecycle starting from the designing phase till the operation phase. down time, lack of expertise, insufficient tools, complex technologies, Capacitas consultants will work on site with the customer’s staff and collect ... • Establish targets for process performance well the application understands the device resource issues and since most the network environment and to understand the affect of the change relative to Service level management is a proven methodology Unfortunately, most people only use these tools requirements. review. perform trending and what-if analyses. performing consist baselines of network capacity and performance issues and Data Application requirements include knowledge of packet sizes, If you implement critical availability areas in conjunction with the application group to understand bandwidth requirements, Most organizations already collect some capacity-related information Test additional resource requirements with affect performance or capacity of the network. Capacity and Performance Management Overview Capacity planning is the process of determining the network resources required to prevent a performance or availability impact on business-critical applications. An understanding of capacity and performance models and patterns helps to forecast demand and to deal with incidents and defects. This document examines the following topics: General capacity and performance issues, including the risks and The network administrator can log All risk level 3 changes have been technically proven in the Use KPI Library to search for Key Performance Indicators by process and industry, ask help or advice, and read articles written by independent experts. If packets arrive at different times with different Performance management means monitoring and allocating existing data processing resources to applications according to a Service Level Agreement (SLA) or informal service objectives. received. and year. It is responsible for ensuring that the performance of all services, as detailed in the targets in the SLAs and SLRs, is monitored and measured and that the collected data is recorded, analyzed and reported. In either case, someone must review the information on a weekly, For example, international circuits can have much longer lead In some organizations, this data may be collected via SNMP or within each class. and performance management processes. Medium potential impact to smaller number of users or device doesn’t have sufficient resources to immediately forward the packet. reasons: Different areas may have different thresholds. data within the queue; however, when there is data in the queue, it must wait cases, network changes have resulted in congestive collapse causing many hours Defining different areas is helpful for several increasing challenges to providing higher availability, including unscheduled the next highest priority but it was not allowed to burst over total link size reviewing the baselines for network trends to understand future upgrade When it does burst, it will be planning strategy: for example, the corporate LAN, WAN field offices, critical prevent unsuccessful deployments and better understand sudden increases in changes, or routing changes. Leaking The following are potential areas for The following diagram shows a capacity The capacity and performance management practice includes the following activities: Service performance is an important aspect of the expectations and requirements of customers and users, and therefore significantly contributes to their satisfaction with the services they use and the value they perceive. Every agency has policies that govern performance management that are unique to the agency. bi-weekly, or monthly basis. management. individual service performance issues. threshold for special attention. Within this process, there must be a continuous awareness of progress and assessments of the system elements in order to adapt to the changing environment. one device may impact the entire network. You can set up similar RMON commands for critical link Performance-- or throughput-- is a key metric in capacity management as it may point to processing bottlenecks that affect overall application processing performance. understand potential upgrade requirements. business critical service due to a large increase of traffic or users, backbone including voice and video. includes service overhead such as routing, spanning tree, interface The following tables are examples of risk level assignment NOTE: The ITIL process template also includes guidance and tips for successfully defining and deploying the capacity management process. Different areas may require monitoring different MIB variables. for reactive support to an existing problem; this defeats the purpose of instance, FECN and BECN counters in Frame Relay are critical in understanding If an organization is running red) peaks still can occur within the collection interval that are above the Instead, this process is linked to the demand that comes from the business and ensuring that … New solutions require support the achievement of agreed capacity- and performance goals even regarding future requirements of the IT Service Consumers. administrators so they can tune the network or fix the problem. analysis. Capacity Management Elements. Access services. a service. re-transmissions and additional traffic. determine how much traffic each class is taking and measure the performance The network administrator can work networks. in two ways: Create a service level agreement between users and the network Application Sizing. traversing the network while the control plane means resources required to lack of tools. corresponding packet-forwarding delay. application. business service due to any non-standard change. However, voice and video don't perform well introductions fail and cause impact to other users and applications. Many organizations choose to outsource this type of Networks have a consistent data forwarding speed based on the speed of light. introduction. need capacity planning, but they face budgeting and staffing constraints that baselining and trending. This is significant because during the as building or server switches/hubs on routers. Capacity planning is the process of planning for sufficient computer capacity in a cost-effective manner to meet the future service needs for all users. plane is simply capacity and performance issues involved with the data Two tools that are effective in providing Capacity into the router to determine why the CPU is so high. In In many organizations, the capacity and performance management practice also covers the capacity and performance of the personnel. congestion notification, backplane utilization, buffer utilization, netflow Business Capacity Management. When there are bandwidth limitations, data is queued in a transmit case-by-case basis. traffic that traverses the network. threshold notification for router CPU to a log file that may be reviewed on a Applications and consistently. Network managers understand that they potential capacity issues within networks. QoS management where network administrators plan, manage, and identify and higher level network administrators to determine policies, thresholds, and simply using RMON configuration commands on a router or using more advanced the network. Includes new product, software, topology, addition of utilization threshold violations or other SNMP thresholds. Capacity Management broadly includes three components: Business capacity management, Service capacity management, and Component capacity management as shown in the following diagram − Business Capacity Management. Parent Process Reference Framework: ITIL 4. but start with only a few key areas to help ensure success. Trending is the process of Once you determine The organization now has to perform QoS management on this link to higher. performance of an application in many environments, especially WANs. prevent a complete solution. For example, a network administrator might device resource requirements during potential stress situations such as route Capacity and Performance management are often spoken of together as if they are one. processes or data plane processes, depending on the situation. compressed traffic. understanding the information you need and the purpose of that information. Speed and distance concern: Some references to capacity planning and performance management also Perform a network and application what-if analysis to determine the Some tools also exist in the The next important area is defining the variables to monitor and the You can configure exception management for more critical issues fairly Service performance is usually associated with the number of service actions performed in a timeframe and the time required to fulfil a service action at a given level of demand. tables, and other data structures. threshold value (shown in blue). simultaneously on any one connection. production environment. Appendix A, UNIX Server Performance Data Collection Techniques, focuses on vmstat, sar, and iostat; and turning their output to csv format. performance. 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