something is eating my sage leaves

You can use substitutions for any number of ingredients called for in recipes, including other herbs and spices, baking ingredients, alcohol, sugar and sweeteners, cocoa and chocolate substitutes, and much more.   But if you plan on using sage internally, it is important to let your doctor know (just as you should with any complementary medicines you take). One day I was watering the sage and noticed that a lot of leaves were missing as if they had been chomped off. Sage itself is one of my least favorite herbs (I like it but cilantro, parsley and mint are the top of my list). Potato bug duty, my least favorite gardening chore. Well, it's been over a month since my last post and I'm still concerned about my two sage plants. It really is munching away on the sage leaves. The lettuce had lots of caterpillars eating it so I put it back outside. Leaf rolling is a sign of sawflies. Whether you’re gathering ingredients for your your favorite comfort food dinner or holiday feast, using home dried herbs can be a serious money saver. Navigating through row after row of plants, my tiny fingers would reach into the leaves to pluck all the vile little creatures from their homes and deposit them into a can of gasoline. Leaf rolling is a sign of sawflies. Still, there’s something about crispy fried sage leaves that I can’t resist. The plants are a good green color, perky, firm stems. I have never seen a caterpillar on the sage. I could eat fried sage leaves every single day for the rest of my life and never grow tired of them. In general, the use of sage for health purposes is recognized as safe. Sage, Salvia officinalis, is a perennial shrub in the the family Lamiaceae grown for its aromatic leaves which are used as a herb.Sage can be erect or grow along the ground and possesses a dense arrangement of woody stems with broad, elliptical,silvery-green leaves which are … A Fat Green Caterpillar Eating Sage Was the Culprit. Clean your sage leaves, make neat little bunches, and wrap the ends with twine or a rubber band. Overview Information Sage is an herb. And every year, I was recruited to help plant, maintain, and eventually harvest the vegetables from it. It is eating my little sage plant bad! I figured it was not their taste—too strong and distinctive. There are many species of sage. They lay their eggs on plants and their larvae eat the leaves, they make holes that still have some plant tissue intact so the damage looks transparent. Sage isn't the only ingredient for which you can find great substitutions. Hang someplace dry and airy. Sawfly larvae are caterpillar-like white larvae that eat leaves on plants like roses, gooseberries and Solomon’s seal. – Take half a chicken breast, place 2 or 3 sage leaves on top, wrap in Parma ham, pack in foil, bake at 180°C (360°F). They've gone down to one or two dead leaves a week, but they don't seem to be growing at all. The leaf is used to make medicine. – Sweet potato gnocchi with chestnuts and fried sage – Put leaves on fish, wrap in prosciutto and sear in clarified butter and olive oil; finish in the oven. My spearmint plant is like a month old, growing quite well, but over the past week i began noticing my leaves we're being eaten, they start as holes or parts of the leaf, but eventually they eat whole leaves, leaving the center vein of the leaf intact. Growing up, my family had a small garden every year. I do not know which pest it might be, I don't see any of the pests spoken of. They are getting much better drainage now and are also getting plenty of sunlight. Sage is such an easy herb to grow out in the garden, and today I’ll show you how to Dry Sage Leaves so you’ll always have some on hand! When the leaves are completely dry, you can crumble them between your fingers into a bowl, or use a mini-chopper to cut it into the right texture for brewing tea. Sage has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use as a spice or seasoning. Haven't been able to see the offender but it leaves little black round 1-2mm droppings & cobwebby strands beneath the leaves & on stems.

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